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Traffic Tickets

If you have received a ticket for a traffic offense in Dallas County, Ellis County, Johnson County, Kaufman County, Tarrant County, Denton County, Collin County, Hill County, Navarro County or the surrounding area contact us today for a free consultation.

Traffic Offenses

There are a number of different possible traffic offenses that someone can be cited for under Texas Law. Some of the most common traffic tickets that are issued in Texas are for speeding, speeding in a work zone, speeding in a school zone, tickets for failing to maintain insurance, and running a stop sign. If you have received a citation for any of the above listed offenses or any other offense that can be found under the Texas Transportation Code contact us today for a consultation. 

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Offenses 

If you have a Commercial Driver's License and receive a citation for a traffic offense in Texas, the possible penalties can be a lot more severe, including up to a loss of your Commercial Driver's License. If you have a received a citation for a traffic offense and you have a CDL, it is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to assist you in representing you to protect your livelihood. 

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