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Please note that any past result in a given case is not a guarantee of any outcome in your case.  The facts in every case are different, so results may be too.

November 2022 - received a dismissal on a theft charge 

November 2022 - received a "no-bill" on an Aggravated Assault with Deadly weapon charge 

September 2022 - obtained dismissal for Harassment 

August 2022 - obtained dismissals for three felony possession charges 

August 2022 - obtained a dismissal for Terroristic Threat

June 2022 - obtained a dismissal for felony possession

June 2022 - obtained a dismissal for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

May 2022- Successfully defended against a petition for injunction.

April 2022-obtained an order setting aside a default judgment in a civil trial.

March 2022- NOT GUILTY VERDICT Ellis County Criminal Jury Trial

October 2021- obtained orders reducing child support payments for two parents in separate cases severely affected by COVID.


October 2021- obtained Letters Testamentary in a Probate Case with only a copy of a Last Will and Testament

October 2021- obtained a Final Judgment in a two-year-old case neglected by the client's original law firm.


October 2021- obtained dismissal of a CPS case for a parent.

October 2021- obtained a dismissal for a single mother from a non-removal FBSS case under the Department of Family and Protective --Services

October 2021 - obtained a dismissal for a DWI charge in Ellis County

August 2021 - obtained a dismissal of a wrongful residential eviction

June of 2021 - obtained a dismissal for a Possession of Marijuana charge in Ellis County 

August 2020- obtained a name change for a person who obtained a pardon based on actual innocence 

August 2020 - upheld a default judgment.

July 2020 - Declaratory Judgment of Informal Marriage for a surviving spouse.

July 2020 - Judgment in property damage case just under $200,000.

July 2020 - Obtained dismissal for felony-level possession of methamphetamine 

April 2020 - Obtained dismissal for lack of evidence in a criminal damages case.

April 2020 - Settled and recovered over $50,000 for a client in a contract breach case.

March 2020 - Obtained favorable settlement in a consumer debt collection suit

February 2020 - Successfully transferred a custody case to a home state under the UCCJEA

January 2020 - Successfully quashed a subpoena to a third party in a divorce case  

November 2019 - Successfully defeated a guardianship application against a person who had legal capacity

November 2019 - Successfully mediated a divorce and child custody case in a highly contested and socially controversial divorce case

October 2019 - Dismissal of charges for Resisting Arrest

September 2019 - Obtained Guardianship for parents over a severely disabled minor child

September 2019 - Dismissal of charges for Possession of Paraphernalia 

August 2019 - Successfully Mediated Year Long Dispute Over Landscape Contract

July 2019 - Stopped a Municipality from Enforcing an Unlawful Ordinance Against a Pet Owner

July 2019 - Dismissal of charges for Possession of Paraphernalia

July 2019 - Child returned to parents in CPS Case- Motion for Monitored Return

June 2019 -Successfully Probated a Will with Letters Testamentary 14 Years After Decedent Died.  Recovered 200k in assets.

April 2019 -Proved an Email between vendor and customer constituted a Contract for Service

March 2019 - Successful Intervention in Custody Case and Obtained Custody based on Actual Care, Custody, and Control

February 2019 - Successful Motion for Summary Judgment Against Absconding Contractor

February 2019 - Prevented ex-spouse from wrongfully keeping assets from an ex-spouse who lived out of the U.S.

January 2019 - Obtained Guardianship for a Mother for a totally disabled son.

November 2018 - Prevented a ne'er-do-well adult child from obtaining a self-serving guardianship over a parent.

October 2018 - Successful probate of out-of-state-will signed in the late 1970s

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