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Attorney-Client Conversations For Immigration Cases

For residents working on immigration changes including status changes and applications for citizenship, maintaining constant communication with your attorney is important. Life changes for a client or a client’s family often affects the case. Here are two examples of how life changes can impact an immigration case.

Example 1 Changes in Medical Condition:

If the government wants to deport a client because the law states the client is inadmissible, a client can request a waiver under certain circumstances. One of the circumstances the government considers when evaluating a waiver of inadmissibility is medical hardship. A client’s health can change unexpectedly, and the health change can affect the application for a waiver. Therefore, clients must notify their attorney if there are changes to the client’s health or to the client’s family member’s health. Because health is such a critical factor, clients seeking waivers should fully participate in annual wellness exams.

Example 2 Changes in Financial Condition:

The government also considers financial/economic hardship when the government reviews waiver applications. Like medical issues, financial conditions may change unexpectedly. Reduction in income, loss of income, additional bills and expenses can all affect a person’s financial situation. Thus, it is important for the client to notify his or her attorney of any financial changes and for the attorney to follow up with the client because financial changes can mean a client could have a claim to financial hardship.

Another context where changes in financial condition would impact a client’s immigration case is that of sponsorship. In cases such as Adjustment of Status or Consular Process where the applicant/beneficiary seeking a green card requires a sponsor, the government requires the sponsor to make a certain amount of income. If a sponsor does not meet the minimum income requirement, the government requires a joint sponsor. It is important for a client and the client’s sponsor to notify the attorney of any changes in the sponsor’s income. Making sure that an attorney is aware of these economic changes is critical to a client ensuring that the client meets the sponsorship financial requirement.

Here at Winborne LaFleur PC, maintaining constant communication with our clients is a source of pride. We have a dedicated paralegal and attorney team to focus on immigration issues. Contact our immigration intake paralegal directly at (469) 810-0834, or contact Attorney Joseph LaFleur at 972-330-2870.

Joseph E. LaFleur, Esq.



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